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Pinecrest Cooks Dinner for Ronald McDonald House!

We raised $182.50 for this cause!

On Sunday, January 31st, the Action Committee organized an event to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House on Long Island. This house is located in Queens, right next to the Cohen Children’s Medical Center.
About 18,000 families have stayed in this house since its opening. 
5.7 million families have been able to experience something similar in locations all over the United States and other countries.

What is the Ronald McDonald House?


The Ronald McDonald House first opened in September 1986 and has been helping families ever since. The mission of this house is to give comfort to families of children who have severe illnesses and are being treated at local hospitals. The house is set up in a way that promotes a stress-free, warm environment for the families staying there. It is both kid friendly and parent-friendly to foster care and support for everyone who needs to stay there. 



Why these families need a little extra support?

Any caretaker of someone with a severe illness goes through a lot of stress during that time. This stress can be very difficult to cope with and support during this time is extremely important. A parent caring for a sick child may put their child’s needs ahead of their own but it is just as important to take care of themselves too! The Ronald McDonald house hopes to provide the families with an environment that reduces as much stress as possible.
The house provides this care for people who have travelled from many different countries, as well. The expenses of a hotel may add up after a few nights of staying there, but at The Ronald McDonald House, they accept any amount that the family can afford as a donation during their stay. Some families have stayed for a few months getting the best care they can for their child at the hospital, and The Ronald McDonald House was there for them the whole time. The rooms are all state of the art and unique, making it much more fun to stay there than a hotel!
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What did we do?

The Ronald McDonald house has many volunteers daily helping to keep the house running smoothly for the families staying there. One program they provide volunteer opportunities for is their Dinner Program.
Every day, a group comes to the house to cook a home-cooked meal for the families to enjoy. When it was Pinecrest’s turn, we made made chili, mac & cheese, and a salad the night we cooked. This is more than just a meal for everyone staying there. After a long day of going back and forth to the hospital to support and care for their child, cooking is the last thing on the families’ minds.
By providing dinner for them, it takes a huge load of stress off and allows the families to take care of their own needs as well. During our tour of the house, the tour guide emphasized, “You are doing more than cooking, you are giving them a gift that's much bigger. You are giving and showing them kindness."
We were all positively impacted by our experience cooking for the families, and all 108 people staying there are grateful everyday for volunteers like us.
This is a great example of God’s work, our hands!