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Manhasset, New York  | (516) 627-2430

Located on the North Shore of Long Island, we are a warm, active, multi-generational church bound together by God's love to live like Jesus in the world.
Growing Faith 
We enjoy the depth of good preaching, inspired music, and the rich blessings of the family of God. Sundays are when we come together to focus our attention on God, give our worship, and receive God's inspiration to renew and strengthen us for the week ahead.
Caring People
Our focus is on helping one another stand firm in the faith and teaching our children and young adults about the love and grace of Jesus Christ. As the people of God, we work every day to forgive as we have been forgiven, to live in peace, and to support each other as we try to follow the way of the Lord.  
Serving Others
We seek to serve others in need, see Jesus in our neighbor, and realize that God is present with us at work, at home, and all of life - not just inside the walls of a church building.


Sunday Schedule

10:00 AM      Worship & Holy Communion
10:00 AM      Sunday School & Childcare
                        (September - June)
11:15 AM      Coffee Hour


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