What to Expect

Visiting a new church can be intimidating. Therefore, when you are our guest, you will never be asked to stand up and introduce yourself or do any other activity that makes you feel uncomfortable. We want you to feel welcome and know what to expect when you visit us on a Sunday morning. Here are some questions you might have before attending a service.

Will I Feel Comfortable?

The Church of Our Saviour, Lutheran is a very accepting community. You might meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Our community also includes many worshipers who were raised in different Christian faith traditions, including Baptist, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic. All are welcome!

What Do I Wear?

You are welcome to come just as you are. You will see jeans and t-shirts, dresses/coats and ties, and everything in between. We believe that it is the attitude of your heart that matters to God, rather than your physical appearance.

Where Do I Park?

Pulling into a new church for the first time can be nerve-wracking. No worries here. We have a large parking lot in the rear of the building. Please feel free to enter the building through the parking lot entrance. Once inside the building, you can walk past the classrooms and offices and be directed to the worship sanctuary. Handicapped parking spaces are available at the front entrance of the building as well as the within the main parking lot.

When Do I Arrive and Where Do I Sit?

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the service you are attending so you can park, familiarize yourself with the facility, and find a seat. Of course, you are welcome to join us no matter when you arrive!

You can sit wherever you feel comfortable; there are no saved seats. If you’d like, our ushers will be more than happy to assist you. 

What Will My Children Do During the Service?

Children are important to us! Children are always welcome to join us for worship. They are encouraged to come forward during Children’s Messages and participate. Please note that there are Activity Bags (containing books, coloring supplies, and other materials) available for children preschool to age six, in the narthex (entrance hall).  Additionally, childcare is offered during Sunday morning worship for toddlers up to age three, and Sunday School instruction is offered September through June for children ages three through 12 (6th Grade). The youngsters attending childcare and Sunday School return before the conclusion of worship to participate in the dismissal.

How Long is the Service and Do I Need to Bring My Bible?

Our services typically run about an hour. 

Although you are welcome to bring along your personal Bible, it is unnecessary to do so. All assigned scriptural readings will be included in the liturgy’s worship bulletin.

What is a Service Like?

As a mainline traditional Christian church, our worship style is patterned after the examples and teachings of the earliest Christians in the New Testament. The liturgy comprises four primary parts, the Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending, interwoven with familiar Christian hymns and musical presentations. The Gathering typically includes a Children’s Message, a group confession and forgiveness of sins, and daily prayer. The Word includes scriptural readings and preaching. The Meal includes Holy Communion in which all believers, regardless of your faith tradition, are welcome to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. The Sending includes a blessing and reminder to live out our lives as servants of God.

What Happens After the Dismissal?

Before being sent out into the world in Christ’s name you are invited to share in fellowship with others at the Sunday coffee hour. Other activities and meetings are typically taking place throughout the building following worship. You are welcome to participate in any of the activities taking place. 

Prayer Requests

We welcome your prayer requests. Unless a renewed request is received, prayer intercessions for individuals will be included in our worship and listed in our worship bulletins for three consecutive weeks. Please email the following information to info@manhassetlutheran.org

  • Request prayer for (first and last name)
  • Reason for prayer (comfort and healing – assisted care/homebound, hospitalization/illness/medical care, grief; thanksgiving – anniversary/birthday/other milestone; other)
  • Your contact information (name, email, and phone number)


We Gather Every Sunday

Sundays 10:00am
is an hour traditional liturgy with Holy Communion

Bible Study at 9:15am, all are welcome.