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Building Community

Education & Youth

The Education and Youth Ministry Committee oversees church life involving childcare, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School (VBS), confirmation and other youth religious instruction, adult theology studies, women’s wellness programs and youth activities.

  • Childcare is offered during Sunday morning worship for toddlers up to age three.
  • Sunday School instruction is offered during Sunday morning worship from September through June for children ages three through 12 (6th Grade).
  • The VBS program is a five-day, morning program held during a week in the summer.
  • For students in 7th and 8th Grades, the confirmation program is a two-year program held from September through May.
  • Regularly scheduled Bible studies are held as well as a thematic religious studies forum, entitled “Wine (and cheese) about Religion,” which is held monthly.
  • The Youth program leads various activities and events throughout the year to encourage an enjoyable and positive faith formation for our children and teenagers. In addition to the many social events, such as bowling, movie nights, car washes, and our annual Easter Egg hunt, the Youth Group participates with partnering youth ministries in joint events and camp programs.

Fellowship & Outreach

The Fellowship and Outreach Ministry Committee oversees church life involving planning and scheduling congregational events, evangelism and hospitality, communications, social ministry, and other fellowship activities.

  • Congregational events include annual church meetings, flea market sales, holiday boutiques, Trivial Pursuit nights, wine tasting receptions, Oktoberfest, special excursions, and other opportunities that foster fellowship and celebrate the community of faith.
  • Snacks, refreshments, and hospitality are provided during coffee hours following worship and other gatherings.
  • Publicity for the congregation through the management of the website, photography, newsletters, bulletins, social media, and traditional media.
  • Social groups include the “Knitwits,” a knitting ministry that creates prayer shawls, blankets for graduating students of the congregation and baptismal blankets, the “Ruth Circle,” our women’s ministry that fosters fellowship within the community, and the “Stammtisch Group,” an informal gathering held regularly to have friendly discussions on designated topics in the German language.
  • Revealing God’s presence is done through prayer, outreach, and visitation. Special attention is offered for those in need of healing, enduring grief, and celebrating moments of thanksgiving. Efforts are made to ensure that a connectiveness with the congregation is present and spiritual needs are being met, especially for those who are homebound or are recuperating from illness or medical procedures.

Facilities & Finance

The Resource Management Ministry Committee oversees church life involving buildings and grounds, gifts and talents of members and friends, determination of budgets, stewardship, and finances management.

  • The Administration/Technology team assists in recommending efficient and productive office automation systems and database management programs for the congregation’s administration.
  • The audit team is tasked to review the annual financial statements and financial controls once a year, generally at the completion of the fiscal year.
  • The counters and recorders collect and make data entries of offerings made during worship liturgies.
  • The Investment team monitors and makes recommendations regarding the management of financial products for the congregation.
  • The memorial team manages gifts given to the congregation to ensure that the investment and disbursement of funds follow the intended purposes.
  • The property team is responsible for monitoring the maintenance, upkeep, and capital improvement planning for the congregation’s building and grounds.
  • The Stewardship team assists in developing a strategy to encourage congregation members to faithfully utilize their God-given time, talents, and gifts to support the ministries.

Worship & Music

The Worship and Music Ministry Committee oversees church life involving coordinating and planning liturgies and special worship services.

  • The committee assists in training, organizing, scheduling, and supporting worship leaders, including acolytes (altar servers), altar guild members, assisting ministers, greeters, lectors, and ushers.
  • Our choir, bell choir, soloists, organist, and musical instrumentalists provide an invaluable enhancement for the worship experience, whether through the gift of vocal or instrumental talents.
  • Special care and attention are offered in preparation for and during baptisms, funerals, memorials, and weddings.


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Virtual Bible Study

WEDNESDAYS @ 11:00am

The Western Nassau Conference of the Metropolitan New York Synod is holding its weekly Zoom Bible study sessions on each Wednesday for one hour. Pastor John Jurik leads the discussion. Each week the upcoming Sunday lectionary readings are discussed. Since each week is different, everyone should be comfortable joining any week they are available. All are welcome!

Email to request the link.