Among many other things, this year has been disruptive to our sense of normalcy at work. Suddenly, millions of office dwellers were confined to the spaces within their homes and signing in remotely to this thing called Zoom. Without the support of an in-person IT team, some became more tech-savvy than they’d previously ever imagined. Parents became part-time teachers overnight, balancing professional meetings and making sure their child was learning math – virtually, of course. Many adjusted to new social etiquette and interactions in an online world (admit it: you wore pajama bottoms with a tie).

The impacts of the pandemic were nearly immediately seen on businesses and the people whom they employed. Customers flowed in far less regularly, if at all. Doors were shuttered for good. And so, many lost their jobs and their income abruptly. With this, they were left wondering how to transition and grow their skillsets into new opportunities.

While the number of our fellow Americans filing each month for unemployment has been devastating, it brings into focus the importance of helping our community members build and maintain transferable skills. Whether a military member returning to civilian life or a worker in a declining industry, programs have previously been developed to assist.

This Sunday, we draw inspiration from one of history’s greatest success stories about workers’ transferable skills from one trade to another. The world’s best workforce training developer selected a group of tradesmen and instantly convinced them to apply their skills in a new way: fishing. Jesus promised them, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people (Mark 1:17).”

Join us for our drive-in worship this Sunday, January 24th, 10:30-11:00 AM, as we hear the Gospel message about transferring our God-given skill for ministry. Come, and follow Jesus.