Did you know there are only two countries in the world that use square flags? All others use rectangular flags with a more traditional 3:2 proportion.

One of the square flags features two colors. The center is a white cross. The remainder of the design is a bordering red backdrop. This flag represents Switzerland.

The other “square flag” country is associated with the cross featured on the Flag of Switzerland. The Flag of Vatican City is used interchangeably as the Flag of the Holy See. In that sovereign city, you can still expect to see the Swiss flag flying as well, representing the Swiss Guard who protect Pope Francis.

If you invert the Swiss flag’s color scheme, you will have the International Red Cross symbol. After all, the famous humanitarian organization was founded in the Swiss Alps’ foothills in 1863. The renowned mountain region proudly displays both its red-cross-on-white-background and white-cross-on-red-background flags.

This Sunday, you can wave a flag, whether square or rectangular, as red, white, crosses, and mountains come together. On Sunday, February 14th, we commemorate both the romantic red of Valentine’s Day and the white of Transfiguration Sunday, the observance of Jesus’s mountaintop experience where his clothing becomes dazzling white. Please join us at 9:15 AM (indoors) or 10:30 AM (outdoor drive-in) for our half-hour worship services. We will hear the Word regarding the moment in Jesus’ earthly ministry that transitions his journey to the cross. Our Lenten Season begins next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, in which we prepare for a most significant humanitarian effort, Jesus on the cross.​