Today is April 23rd, obviously the 23rd day of the month. So, why not look at a few facts about the number 23 before we 23 skidoo (an early 20th Century slang expression that means ”let’s get out of here as fast as we can!”)?

If you ever decide to watch a motorsports event, the manufacturer, Nissan, will likely have their car registered with the number 23. That is because it is a wordplay on the pronunciations of “2” and “3” in Japanese: “Ni” (2) and “San” (3) sounds like Nissan.

I’m sorry, did the buzzing of your smartphone just distract you from reading the above? That is probably likely since the average smartphone user checks their device a staggering 23 times a day for texts. But I hope the message you received didn’t upset you. We wouldn’t want it to raise your blood pressure moving through your body faster than 23 seconds, the average time blood circulates a body. 

A couple English of writers are associated with today’s number.  Did you know poet Jane Taylor wrote “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” at the ripe old age of 23?  Playwright William Shakespeare, who was born (April 23, 1564) and died (April 23, 1616) on this date, was renowned for one of his most famous plays.  You know the one. It’s about the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar who, incidentally, died after being stabbed 23 times.  

Of course, we pray for Caesar and all those who have gone on before us.  In memorializing those who have passed, we often invoke Scripture. One of the most prominent read Bible passages at funerals is, you guessed it, Psalm 23!

Today, April 23rd, we invite you to prepare yourself to receive the great inspiration so many receive from hearing the 23rd Psalm.  Please join us for worship on Good Shepherd Sunday, April 25th at our 9:15 AM (indoor) or 10:30 AM (outdoor drive-in) worship services.  We will listen to this great Psalm.  Additionally, we will celebrate several youngsters receiving their First Communion at the 9:15 AM worship service and commemorate the former ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bayside, at the 10:30 AM worship service.